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AmmoSlicker is an innovative ammo holder built with special non-slip neoprene and a catch pocket to keep ammo secure. AmmoSlicker completely covers the ammo and fits most rifle stocks on the market. Offered in shotgun, small, and large caliber cartridge sizes.
Price: $19.99
2 Point connection sling with shock absorbing end 2” MOLLE loops for MagSlicker attachment Made with Hi-grade fasteners and nylon webbing Features 2- 1.5” quick release buckles at each end Ambidextrous and fully adjustable
Price: $39.99
AR-Slicker™ is built to protect tactical weapons from rain, dust, etc. Featuring a barrel port for quick access, AR Slicker™ can stay on your weapon while shooting up to 10 shots. AR Slicker™ keeps your tactical weapon and optics concealed and protected.
Price: $29.99
Fits securely over your binoculars to block Glare, Wind, Dust, Rain, and Sweat Made with flexible neoprene to holds its shape Made in the USA  - Patent Pending
Price: $15.99
BinoSlicker is a compact, weather-proof binoculars cover. The retainer strap allows hunters to use their binoculars without removing BinoSlicker and is compatible with any neck strap or harness.
Price: $14.99
BowSlicker™ provides a safe and secure way to carry your bow while protecting your cams and strings from damage.
Price: $39.99
Crossbow Slicker is the best crossbow cover on the market.
Price: $39.99
The New Dr. Jack's Roadie Rag is a unique 12"x12" non-fraying, microfiber cloth with micro touch technology that is designed to clean your high-end instrument. Many types of microfiber cloth on the market today only spread and disperse the sweat and gunk leaving an unsatisfactory attempt to clean your instrument or scratch-sensitive surface.  You can count on the Roadie Rag to do the job! Will not fray. 100% Machine washable.
Price: $8.95
The Tactical ScopeSlicker is a weatherproof scope cover built to keep your optics clean.
Price: $14.99
Spot Slicker Bandit covers your spotting scope and provides eye protection when using.
Price: $10.99
TerrainSlicker makes sure you stay dry while out in the field. Use it to lay, stand, or cover yourself with. The terrain stakes makes sure your TerrainSlicker stays put.
Price: $34.99
The Roadie Rag Kit
Price: $19.95
Vortex microfiber golf towel
Price: $14.99
Spudz microfiber cloth, screen cleaner and lens cleaner
Price: $4.99
Spudz Ultra microfiber cloth, screen cleaner and lens cleaner
Price: $5.99
GunSlicker is a packable, waterproof gun, rifle and shotgun case that works better than a gun sock
Price: $24.99
The Tactical ScopeSlicker is a weatherproof scope cover built to keep your optics clean.
Price: $14.99
Spudz Sudz 2 oz Cleaning Spray
Price: $3.99
SpotSlicker is a packable, waterproof spotting scope cover. SpotSlicker stuffs inside its attached, compact pouch when not in use, making it the most convenient spotting scope cover on the market. With quiet, lightweight neoprene fabric and an attached microfiber lens cleaner, SpotSlicker is the best spotting scope cover on the market.
Price: $16.99
Spudz Pro is a microfiber cloth, screen cleaning kit and lens cleaning kit.
Price: $11.99
Stripee Bottle Caddy Fly Fishing Gear
Price: $3.99

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